Customs Kemp of Sweden

The purpose of CKOS is to unite those who enjoy the classic custom era.

Welcome to CKOS

The group was called Custom Kemps of Sweden at the time, and for the first year, there were about 20 members. So that people all over the country could work together, a newspaper called Lead News was started.

Then, in the same style and format as the old pocket-sized magazines from the 1950s, with the same kind of Kustoms. It also turned into a newsletter, “Lead Letter,” to keep people up to date on what was happening.

As for the 1990 Power Meet

The first spontaneous meeting took place at Vasters’ Hallamotet.

The first unplanned meeting happened at Vasters’ Hallamotet. About 15 cars came, and some of them were customized. A few years later, when the meet was renamed the Late Nite Outdoor Custom Show, there was a clear difference: the number of cars at Hallamotet had gone up to nearly a hundred.
Sweden had also improved its coastline to the point where it was on par with the best in the U.S. In 2005, it was renamed “Lead Parkin” and moved to “Tramps.” It was still held the same weekend as the Power Meet. Since 2007, the meeting has been held at Skultuna Messing, and in 2010, the meeting celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Lead News #1

Lead News came out for the first time in May 1990. It was a big, funny magazine that was made by Per Garemer and Per Webb. It was based on the fact that people in Sweden were interested in their traditions and became an outlet for all the strange things people did around the country.

Modern magazines about cars were coming out, and they talked about the custom car business. George started getting paid to take pictures of cars and write for magazines. He was able to get his business known by showing how they did things in “how-to” articles.

The Barris brothers’ shop in Compton was too small, so they moved to a bigger one in Lynwood. This is where the famous “Hirohata Merc” was made. Sam bought a new Mercury with only two doors because he thought it would make a great custom car. He figured it out in his head and started cutting the car up and putting it back together again. Bob Hirohata liked the way Sam dressed, so he brought in his 1951 Mercury and had it completely customized. Sam finished his car so he could take it to the 1952 Motorama to show it off. It ended up being the talk of the show.

Lead News #50

Here comes number fifty! We are having a party to mark a milestone, so the magazine is about the first issue. Six pages are needed to look back at the years 1989 and 1990. The cover is a tribute to the first issue, which was a tribute to Rod & Custom’s July 1955 issue. The magazine also has a story about two wild Amazons and the story behind the cover. all only for members.

Number 50. So much time has passed since Per Graemer and Per Webb began making a pocket-sized custom magazine in 1989. This issue tells what life was like in 1989 and also in 1977. You can also read a story about owning a Volvo custom car on Amazon. plus other cool things. Enjoy. Mag is only available to members, so join.

2016's Best Lead Sled

Sweden’s Customs would like to congratulate Johan Tornqvist on his win this year. The club thought, “Incomparable build all the way through,” so they gave him the award. This year, the competition was very tough, but Tornqvist’s build was great and impressive. Congratulations!

What they say about us  

The Custom Kemps of Sweden are a group of people that are passionate about cars and like both customizing their rides and driving them. They are well-liked for their friendliness and their passion for automobiles, and they frequently talk to other motorists about the positive aspects of the experiences they’ve had behind the wheel.

“Custom Kemps of Sweden is the perfect place to get your dream car. With years of experience and a passion for cars, they will make sure you get the perfect car for you.”

Evelyn Jimenez


“The best Kemps of Sweden are custom made!”

Debra Peters


“If you can dream it, we can build it.”

Mark Martinez